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Karl Tyler Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty program is such a great product that we've selected it to completely replace our Certified Pre-Owned Warranty program through General Motors. This program is valid on all makes and models (not just GM models) less than 100,000 miles. It's a real powertrain warranty program that lasts for as long as you own your vehicle. The only thing you need to do to keep the warranty valid is perform your manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance. No joke! Keep up on your maintenance and our Lifetime Warranty Program will pick up the tab for costly powertrain repairs! It's that easy!!!

Lifetime Peace of Mind

Low Deductible

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Our Lifetime Warranty Program only requires a $100 deductible per occurrence and there is no maximum mileage or ownership term. So rest easy knowing that as long as you own your vehicle, you are covered for the most costly of powertrain repairs.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

With superior coverage, you will have true peace-of-mind throughout your ownership experience. Our limited Lifetime Warranty Program includes repairs to the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle and towing assistance!


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Once the vehicle passes all safety inspections, only then will it receive a Lifetime Powertrain warranty. Once you take ownership of the vehicle, you are required to keep up on your manufacturer's scheduled maintenance in order to keep the Lifetime Warranty in place.

What is Covered?

  • Engine
    All internal lubricated parts: bearings, pistons, piston pins and rings, valves, valve springs, valve spring retainers and rocker arms; timing chain or timing belt and tensioners, and rocker arms. Timing gear, oil pump, valve guides, followers, valve seats, rocker shafts, push rods, valve liners, connecting rods, crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft, cam bearings and rocker bushings. Other parts: water pump, engine mounts, engine cushions, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, front cover, harmonic balancers, flywheel (flexplate), flywheel ring gear, pulleys and eccentric shaft; seals and gaskets. Note: Engine block, cylinder head(s), cylinder sleeves, oil pan and valve covers only if the damage results from the failure of an internal lubricated part. Turbo / supercharger: all internal lubricated parts contained within the turbo / supercharger housing, plus the charger housing only if the damage results from the failure of an internal lubricated part.
  • Transmission (Automatic or Manual)
    All internal lubricated parts: torque converter, pump, drums, reaction carrier, shafts, hubs, gears, shift rails and forks, internal linkage, and bearings. Transmission mounts, vacuum modulator; seals and gaskets. The transmission case, housing and oil pan, only if the damage results from the failure of an internal lubricated part.
  • Transfer Case
    All internal lubricated parts, plus the transfer case housing only if the damage results from the failure of an internal lubricated part.
  • Drive Axle (Front, Rear, 4WD, or AWD)
    All internal lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housing; hub, axle and non-serviceable bearings, drive gears and clutches. Constant velocity joints, universal joints, axle shafts, drive shafts; seals and gaskets. The axle or transaxle housing, only if the damage results from the failure of an internal lubricated part.
  • Towing Assistance
    When towing is necessary, your vehicle will be towed to the closest qualified service facility or to any other location requested. Towing Assistance will be covered up to $75 per occurrence if your vehicle is towed to the issuing dealer.

What if Repairs Are Needed?

If your vehicle incurs a breakdown, you must immediately take the following steps to file a claim and prevent further damage. This limited warranty will not cover the damage caused by continued operation or by not securing a timely repair of the failed component.

Take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility

If your vehicle breaks down, return to the issuing dealer. If this is not possible, take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility.

Provide the repair facility with a copy of your Lifetime Warranty or warranty number

Obtain authorization from the administrator by calling the claims department at 1-888-999-5292. Prior to any repair being made, instruct the service manager at the repair facility to contact the administrator to obtain an authorization for the claim. Any claim for repairs without prior authorization will not be covered except as provided under emergency repairs . The amount authorized by the administrator is the maximum amount that will be paid for repairs covered under the terms of this limited warranty. Any additional amount must receive prior approval.

Claims Assistance

For claim assistance, please contact the Administrator at: 1-888-999-5292.

Towing Assistance

In the event your vehicle must be towed to a repair facility, you will be reimbursed up to $75 per occurrence.

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